Acupuncture is a healing practice over 3000 years old, it’s based on a holistic concept of treatment to understand the root cause of the health concern and where the imbalance of the body’s energy resides.

The human body has thousands of acupuncture points, if these are treated with needles, massaged, or heat is applied this results in a healing effect. Acupuncture aims to bring the body back into balance by removing blockages, improving circulation and increasing bloody supply.

Acupuncture is commonly known to assist with joint pain, stress, sports and muscular injuries, fertility, women and men’s health, insomnia and much more.

The initial consultation and treatment can take up to 1.5hrs. I ask for this time to thoroughly understand you’re your health concern, background and lifestyle followed by diagnosis and a treatment. Ongoing treatments are bespoke to you and can last around 45 mins.

This is very important to The Physical Therapy Clinic and we will look at the ‘whole’ person taking into account previous medical history, work and lifestyle before making a diagnosis and devising a treatment programme that is tailored to an individual’s needs.

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